Individual Counseling

Shelley Juran Ph.D.‘s individual counseling sessions in New York, NY are focused in your development and prevent any obstacles that may come in your way. During these sessions, I’ll be able to focus on your immediate or near future concerns. That may be from grieving a loved one, envisioning a better career and handling problems in your work and avoiding making it a less manageable situation.

Your individual counseling will consist of one-on-one discussions between you and I. These sessions will be safe and comfortable with a judgment free environment. When having this type of haven where you can speak freely, you’ll be able to find solutions and be able to grow into a better person. With counseling services, your quality of life will not only change but improve. You’ll confront the barriers that are in your life and prevent you to be the person you want to be.

Contact (718) 625-6526 today for individual counseling in New York, NY today. You emotional and mental well-being is important in order to have a happy life.