Sex Counseling

It is difficult to determine what is healthy for everyone, considering each individual person is very different than the other. Having multiple strategies is handy to keep in your brain, considering each situation you deal with in life will be different. Shelley Juran Ph.D.'s sex counseling can help you handle life transitions and intimacy concerns.

As a psychoanalyst, I am here to say that there are many healthy coping strategies for each individual. Seeking the support from me, a friend or a family member can help with any relationship problems. If you're going through gender identity issues, I can help you with relationship concerns you may have.

Looking into each strategy is integral to finding out how each will help you out specifically. Coming to my counseling service in Brooklyn, NY which will allow you the chance at seeing the building blocks happen in front of your very eyes. Call (718) 625-6526 today to schedule an appointment today.